Data Management Consulting and Training

Successful businesses have efficiently managed data. At Thawer Media we offer the necessary tools and consulting services to ensure that your business is at the forefront of today’s market place. Salesforce offers a strong and secure cloud based platform to help businesses manage a wide range of data. We specialize in Administrating and Developing within the Salesforce environment.


Integrate and sync your data, workflows, and business process across all of your platforms and department

Business Automation

Save time and money by automating repeated process in your business. Have your data flow efficiently from Sales to Operations to Admin 


Get 1-on-1 online training for all employees. Get your team to be effective Salesforce users

Admin Support

Get the day to day administrative support you need without the stress and overhead of hiring


Let our experience optimize and create a solution that will help your business grow and manage data efficiently  

Custom Development

We can custom develop solutions for all your business needs

Consulting, Development & Training Services

$100 / Hour

All data management and Salesforce services are billed hourly.
Salesforce licences are billed by Salesforce directly on a per user basis.

FREE Initial 1-Hour Consultation

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